Friday, January 17, 2014

Circle Dance Yarn Amounts

I've got yarn amounts for you today, as well as some more square patterns. I hope you are enjoying this project so far!

A bit of housekeeping--I fixed a mistake in Rnd 8 of the 10" square, so if you saved that early in the week you'll want to go grab that again. I also added a round of sc to the 10" square. I added photos to the 4" and 10" squares and moved those to their own post so they're easier to find.

Yarns amounts used for my version
Bernat Super Value
550 yds. Pumpkin
300 yds. Mushroom
175 yds. Aqua
100 yds. Damson
50 yds. Cherry Red
25 yds. Bronze
15 yds. Moss Heather
100 yds. Lush
175 yds. Mulberry
175 yds. Light Damson
250 yds. Denim Heather
175 yds. Lavender
150 yds. Topaz
100 yds. Burgundy

Total yardage is about 2340 yards--about 1240 yards for circles and about 1100 yards for backgrounds.


  1. Very nice colors ! Thanks you for the patterns.

  2. I love this! I'm still trying to finalize my colors. I'm pretty sure I'm doing a Christmas afghan. I've been hoarding Red Heart Holly & Ivy waiting for the perfect pattern. I'm thinking about maybe doing a round or two in a contrasting color, then the rest of the circle in the Holly & Ivy, then the border in Light or Dark Sage. Some of the very small blocks will have the circle in a solid color with the border color I finally choose. Decisions, decisions!

  3. Thank you for the total yardage! I've been trying to figure out how much yarn I would need for each of my colors and with the total I was able to calculate what I need.

    For anyone else trying to figure out some estimates, you need to color the layout image with how you want to make the afghan. Select each area and expand the selection by 1 pixel without using antialias and fill it with the appropriate color. You want to avoid any blended colors at the edges of selections. If necessary, crop the image down to just the colored layout (no border around it).

    Once you have your sharply colored image, use Paint.NET (free software) to open the image and the magic wand tool to select everything of the same color. At the bottom of the window there will be a pixel area number, that's how many pixels of that color are in the image. Divide that by the area of the image (mine cropped to 1147x879, or 1,008,213 pixels) to get the percentage of the afghan that uses that color. Multiply the percentage by 2340 to get the yardage estimate.

    Photoshop can allegedly do the pixel color counts in the histogram window, but as I do not have Photoshop I can't say for certain if you can get the information from it that you need.