Friday, March 21, 2014

Border Rounds and Finished Circle Dance Afghan

Ta-daaa! My afghan is finally finished. I zoomed through crocheting all the blocks but sewing it together was the challenge I thought it would be. I hope yours is coming along swimmingly.

For the border rounds, I simply worked two rounds of dc in each st with (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in each corner.

Then we gave it a nice steaming laid out on the bed, and the finished result is ready to go to its new home at my daughter's house.


  1. It's stunning , how long do you think it's taken to make from first chain to last end sewn in?

    Lucky daughter!

  2. Thanks! I had a couple months work in on it. Sewing it together was most of the challenge :) !

  3. I admire you so much! All of the math involved in creating these squares and then the way you chose to do the patterning when sewing them together absolutely blows my mind! I'm just really impressed!

  4. Hi trying without much luck to find your amazing pattern...i love it so much...
    Has it now been discontinued or is it in a different place please?

    Kind regards