Monday, January 13, 2014

Circle Dance Colors and Arrangement Chosen

I’ve finally picked my colors and my color arrangement. As previously discussed, anything goes as far as color with this afghan, but if you want to do your afghan like mine in any way, you can follow these instructions.

Here are my colors:

These are Bernat Super Saver 100% acrylic worsted-weight yarn, 53630 Pumpkin (A), 53009 Mushroom (B), 53201 Aqua (C), 07797 Damson (D), 53436 Cherry Red (E), 53609 Bronze (F), 53241 Moss Heather (G), 53246 Lush (H), 53333 Mulberry (I), 07773 Light Damson (J), 53114 Denim Heather (K), 53307 Lavender (L), 53514 Topaz (M), and 07636 Burgundy (N).

I’m going for this arrangement:

Here is how I plan to achieve this look.

2” square (make 58): 
Rnd 1: A
Rnd 2: I

4” square (make 21): 
Rnd 1: B
Rnd 2: A
Rnd 3: H

6” square (make 18):
Rnd 1: C
Rnd 2: B
Rnd 3: A
Rnd 4: J
Rnd 5: K

8” square (make 8):
Rnd 1: D
Rnd 2: C
Rnd 3: B
Rnd 4: A
Rnd 5: L
Rnd 6: L
Rnd 7: K

10” square (make 6):
Rnd 1: F
Rnd 2: E
Rnd 3: D
Rnd 4: C
Rnd 5: B
Rnd 6: A
Rnd 7: M
Rnd 8: M
Rnd 9: K

12” square (make 3):
Rnd 1: H
Rnd 2: G
Rnd 3: F
Rnd 4: E
Rnd 5: D
Rnd 6: C
Rnd 7: B
Rnd 8: A
Rnd 9: N
Rnd 10: N

For every square that ends in a round of sc, I’ll make that last round with K so those squares are consistently “framed”. If you want to do this, and if you have to work extra rounds of sc on any of your blocks to get the size, you might want to work that sc round in your chosen framing color.

If you have questions, I encourage you to post them in the comments, because chances are someone else has the same question. If you don't want to post in the comments, you can find me on Facebook.

I have had a few questions asked multiple times today regarding deadlines, registration and yarn choices. There are no deadlines, registration is not necessary, and you are free to choose any colors and yarns you like. I want this to be as fun and stress-free as possible. The only thing I can't help with is weaving in all the inevitable ends! But this is well worth the trouble, I believe.

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