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Colorful yarns, cotton fabrics, hooks and needles are my constant companions as I go about my daily create endeavors. My husband and I live and work in our tiny home under the big sky of the Texas Hill Country. 

As much as I love the small town life, frequent visits to the city keep me inspired with the energy of art, food, shopping and most of all, people. My three city-dwelling daughters are my biggest inspiration.

I've been crocheting, knitting, sewing, writing, painting and otherwise making all manner of things since a very young age. Following in the footsteps of several generations of women painters, writers and quilt-makers in my family, and  endeavoring to be an inspiration to my three daughters, I will no doubt continue to make things for a very long time.

In 2002, I left the corporate life behind in favor of home, my favorite place in all the world. As a former crochet magazine and book editor, mine had been a corporate life filled with needlework. What more could one ask for? Still, there were meetings. There were bar charts. There were cubicles. I wanted peace and quiet, and space and time to design crochet.

By this time I had written some books, edited lots of magazines and books, and designed oodles of pretty things for magazines. I was ready.

So that spring, dressed in pajamas and with the cat at my side, I began to publish patterns from my original designs.

More than a decade later, I'm still at it, with the help of my husband, David Savage. He does layouts, photography and shipping for our patterns, and many other tasks.

This blog is the newest addition to our family of homes on the web, including:

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  1. Carolyn,
    I subscribed to your blog quite some time ago....but, for some reason, have stopped receiving it. I've just signed up again.
    I am curious. Is Christmas your last name for real?
    I ask, because my name is Carol...and some of my friends introduce me as "Christmas Carol" - because I was born on Christmas.
    The reason I'm writing now is this: I was looking at your projects on Ravelry and love your square called, "Variations on a Theme" - apparently part of a CAL at some time.
    All I could find is instructions for the border....but I LOVE the stitch pattern of the block itself. Could you tell me what this stitch pattern is called?
    I may, if I took long enough, try to figure it out, but am, wondering if you have instructions for the pattern anywhere....since on ravelry it says "available for free".

    Thanks for any help you may give...and THANK you for all the inspiration you give and the free patterns you have given to all of us! It IS appreciated.